We accelerate innovation by helping entrepreneurs


Developing an idea into a real product or service is no easy or quick undertaking. Whether you’re a private person with a big idea or an employee trying to push for transformation and innovation inside your company the effort will demand a lot of you. Entrepreneurship is freakishly hard and demands dedication and discipline. But even with all that and an outstanding idea it’s tough to get started and keep momentum.


At Invencon we think there’s room for a new kind of company. Both a skilled expert in product development and business transformation as well as an experienced humble partner with a relentless focus to help entrepreneurs succeed. We are this company and we believe our growth and success is a direct result of our mission, the people we are and the people we support.


Invencon is a mix of an independent incubator and a professional services agency. We help companies with innovative product development and business transformation. We support private entrepreneurs in developing products and businesses from original ideas.


As entrepreneurs and long time professionals we have succeeded and failed many times. We carry, collect and apply these invaluable lessons in everything we do. We share our experiences across our company and our network. It enhances our professionalism, integrity, adds depth and context to our advice with better results for the people and companies we work with.


It’s OK to be the “dumbest” person in the room. We are experienced enough to know that we can’t know everything. But we pride ourself of giving honest and professional advise, always with our customer’s, partner’s or entrepreneur's best interest in mind. If we think something is a bad idea we will let you know. We take the long view both for ourselves and those who we work with. This helps us create a human workplace and relationships. We want to be a reliable partner in the best sense of the word.



We help our companies get the funding and investments that are best for them, private or institutional. But Invencon as a company do not receive institutional funding or support directly. We are private and business driven. We choose our projects and focus areas based on where we think we can contribute the most value.



We are skilled experts both in mechanical and digital product development. Read more about our services.